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A property consultant explains why she won’t be sold to buyers for £1.6 million (Updates with statement from lawyer)

LONDON — An agent has revealed how she and her husband have had to deal with a huge demand for property consultancy services in London.

“We’ve been dealing with people that have put in £1 million to £2 million for five or six months, and then when they’re ready to buy a house, they have to pay us a huge amount of money,” said Laura Johnson, the property consultant who has worked with properties in London for the past four years.

Johnson is part of a growing trend for British property agents to offer their services free of charge.

A report last year by the Property Institute of America showed that a growing number of agents are offering services free for a fee. 

In the past year, Johnson said she has seen a surge in requests for property consulting services from people in London who want to sell their properties for more than the asking price.

“It’s been really tough for me and my clients because the demand is so much higher,” she said.

“People want a big house with lots of bedrooms and private bathrooms.

I’ve had to be a bit more careful with the prices I’m offering because it’s getting very difficult for people to afford to pay that.”

Johnson is a property consultant specializing in the development of luxury homes in London and the U.K. The couple have sold their home in south London, but the demand for her services has grown.

Johnson said the demand has been driven by a rising number of millennials and their parents.

“The generation that is buying homes for themselves are the ones that are the most open to these types of services,” she explained.

“They want to be in control of their money and they want to have access to the services they need to make their decisions.”

Johnson said she feels pressure to do a good job on the properties they sell, especially with so many properties in the market.

“You have to keep working at it,” she added.

“And the clients are really demanding that.”

For her, the price tag for services is not just a question of money, but of being able to offer good advice and offer quality work.

“If we’re going to be able to be the best agent we can be, I want people to feel that we are their agent, and I want them to be confident in the process we’re doing,” she stressed.

“There’s so many variables that can happen.

It’s really hard for us to do things the right way.”

Johnson added that the average fee for a property consultation varies widely, but that she feels it is an average price for a good property, which is why she feels she can deliver services at the price she charges.

“I’m happy to take a bit of a hit, but I feel that my clients have been getting a fantastic value for money,” she concluded.