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Aussie property consultant gets job offer to work in New Zealand

A property consultant in New South Wales is being offered a lucrative new role at the Wellington City Council, with the job opening in the capital city.

Read morePosted in News, AucklandCity Council,capitalNewZealand,jobsPostedBy a job posting on the Wellington Property Services website, the new position is described as a senior director, property management.

The posting does not offer details on the role, but says the position will be in Wellington, while the candidate will have to be a native New Zealander with no overseas work experience.

The new role will include working in the Wellington-Melbourne area and will involve working with commercial property managers, commercial developers and property managers to ensure their projects are ready for opening, the post says.

New Zealand is not a country that has a lot of property, with about one third of homes in the country being single family homes, and a quarter of homes are vacant.

New Zealander-owned property is relatively scarce in Wellington and is not widely known, making it difficult for businesses to find the required expertise.

Auckland Property Services, which has offices in the city and in New York, has worked in New England for a number of years and is known for its expertise in the residential and commercial property markets.

The Wellington vacancy market is still relatively small, but the firm says it is working hard to make up for that in New Zealand, where vacancy rates are currently at 6.1 per cent.