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Conservative MP’s legal troubles raise questions about government’s legal standing

The government has been under increasing pressure over the use of its legal power to prevent people from getting legal advice from private lawyers.

In the House of Commons on Thursday, Conservative MP John Bercow, a former partner at law firm LLL, said he would not seek to ban private lawyers from the legal system.

The Conservative Party said Bercouw’s comments were “inappropriate” and a “distraction” from what he was doing.

Theresa May’s office said BEC said: “Mr Bercows comments are inappropriate and inappropriate and do not reflect the views of the Conservative Party.”

A spokesman for LLL said:”We take the issue of private legal advice very seriously and will be reviewing the matter further.”

A source at one of the firms Bercew represented told Reuters the former MP’s comments had caused him “great distress” and he was planning to sue them.

Bercow’s legal woes have been compounded by revelations he is embroiled in a personal feud with his ex-wife.

He and his ex were involved in a bitter custody battle, which has since ended in a settlement.

In September, a judge dismissed a complaint against Bercowski, who had been on a leave of absence since 2015, because he had not been able to prove he had suffered from depression and anxiety.

The conflict began when his ex, Michelle Curnoe, accused him of mistreating her, according to court documents.BEC later accused Bercowing of domestic violence, claiming he beat her in an attack on their private property.

Curnoe said he threatened to kill her, broke her hand, bruised her ribs and injured her hand in an attempt to stop her from leaving him.