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Former governor urges residents to stay away from russel property consultants

A former governor who served as a lobbyist for RBR Property Consultants is urging residents of his home state to stay home if they think they are being targeted by the company’s tactics.

State Senator Robert Cagle, a Democrat from South Carolina, said Wednesday that he has been calling lawmakers and members of the public to urge them to take action against RBR, which he said is a “major player in the home improvement industry.”

“I have been reaching out to state officials, legislators, and people in the real estate industry,” Cagle said.

“I’ve also had the benefit of speaking to some of the people who are being profiled and targeted, and they have told me they are very concerned about what is going on.

They are very fearful and very concerned.”

Cagle has been a vocal critic of RBR’s practices, which include marketing products like home insulation to homeowners who have no previous experience with the technology.

In addition to his calls for state action, Cagle has also raised concerns about the company by suggesting that the company was profiling his own constituents as potential clients.

In an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Caught Off-Guard host John Dickerson questioned Cagle about the “shakedown tactics” that RBR uses to target homeowners.

“It is an intimidation campaign,” Caught, a former member of the state legislature, said.

Cagle responded by saying that RBS employees “have a right to come to your house, take pictures, and make a statement.”

“They’re doing what they’re doing because it’s their job, because it is a job they’re paid to do, because they’re going to get paid,” Cagles said.

“I don’t want them coming to my house, or going into my home and saying, ‘Hey, you need to buy insulation.'”

Cagle, who did not immediately respond to CBS News requests for comment, also said that he does not think that RBr’s “business model” is viable.

“What I think is going to happen is the market is going take over and RBR is going go bankrupt,” he said.RBS said in a statement that Cagle “should not have called the media.”

“Senator Cagle’s comment was not a representative or representative of RBS and is not reflective of RBC’s leadership,” the statement read.

“Senator Bob Cagle is an ardent opponent of the use of any kind of intimidation tactics against anyone seeking to provide services to consumers.”

Caught Off Guard host John Wallace asked if Cagle was aware of the company employing other lawmakers and the potential for that tactic to be used against his constituents.

“You’re going after them because they think you’re not a real estate professional?”

Wallace asked.

“Yeah,” Cached said.

Wallace said that Cached “should be worried about how this works and how this affects the business model for RBS.”

Cached also defended RBR by saying the company has been in business for more than 30 years and that “it has no plans of going bankrupt.”

“It’s very sad, very sad,” Caded said.