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Haines Property Consulting ‘disappointed’ with report by the Garda’s National Fraud Office

In a statement, HainES said: “As we understand the report was commissioned by a Garda to assess the performance of our property consultant.

It was never our intention to mislead the public.

We will continue to cooperate fully with the Gardas investigation into this matter.”

We are disappointed that the report has been presented to the media in this way.

Our property consultants are experts in the field and we are deeply concerned about the implications of the report.

“We will continue working with the authorities to improve the safety and security of our properties, and continue to protect our customers.”

Read more:Irish Garda chief to face garda inquiry on Garda safety: reportThe Garda National Fraud Unit is investigating claims of serious criminal activity involving the use of fraudulent advertising to solicit property investment.

It is also conducting a review of a previous report into HainDS property consultancy.

The garda chief is due to appear before a Gardas inquiry next month.