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How Axios was the first to report on Trump campaign’s $2.7 million ad buy, which was cancelled before the election

The Associated Press on Tuesday night reported that Axios, the first mainstream media outlet to report the contents of Donald Trump’s campaign ad buy before the November election, was the only one to report that Trump had paid for a campaign ad that would be cut from his campaign website.

Axios reported that a new ad had been posted to Trump’s Facebook page, and the ad had a single line that read: “I support Trump!”

Axios said it did not know who funded the ad.

The AP also reported that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and other senior campaign officials had paid more than $2 million for the ad in the weeks before the Nov. 8 election.

The ad shows Trump speaking to the camera, saying that he’s not going to be a one-issue president.

Trump and his campaign said the ad was produced for a “partisan political operation” to benefit Trump.

The Trump campaign denied that any of the money was used to pay for the political ad.

Axes reporting, which first appeared on Sunday, is significant for two reasons.

First, Axios is the only mainstream media source to report publicly that the Trump campaign paid for the advertising, which would have been one of the most significant news stories of the 2016 election.

Axio is also one of several outlets that reported the ads cancellation before the general election.

It also is a major news story in the news business, with its publication of the Trump dossier that alleged that Russia hacked the 2016 U.S. election, and its coverage of the dossier itself, which has been widely disputed.

The Associated Media also reported in August that the campaign had paid to buy the ad for $1.8 million.

The campaign, in response, said it had paid $1 million.

Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller told the AP that Axes report was wrong, that Trump did not fund the ad, and that the ad would be used for “political ad purposes” and that Axiostar would not publish the ads that were canceled.

Miller also said that Trump was not paying to cancel the ads.

The new Axios report comes after a slew of other outlets had reported that the ads were canceled before the end of the campaign, as Axios’ reporting indicated.

A spokeswoman for Axios did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the first week of the election, Axios reported that $2,700 was paid to a Republican Party committee in the state of Nevada for “a $1,000 buy.”

In an earlier story, Axis said that a campaign official in North Carolina had paid another $1 per phone call to a “senior campaign official.”

The Axios reporting came as a result of an email exchange between two Axios journalists and a campaign aide.

In that email, which the AP did not identify, Axiaters reporter wrote to Axiose that the news agency had contacted “a campaign official and campaign aide” about a Trump campaign ad, but was told that the media would not be able to obtain that ad.

He wrote that the candidate had been told by the campaign that the election would be a close one and that “it would not work.”

“So, my question to you is, did you actually find out who paid for that ad?”

Axioderes reporter asked.

“No,” Axi said.

“So what did you find out?”

“That’s the question,” the reporter said.

Axi also said in the email exchange that the reporter had found out that the Republican Party in North Dakota had paid the campaign $1 in total for “an ad that they thought would be super effective in getting voters to the polls.”

Axi and Axios have both reported that campaign officials have paid for other Trump ads that are being canceled by the Trump camp.

Axiomagazine, which had previously reported on the Trump ad buy on its website, said in a statement that Axiomago did not find out about the Trump ads until after they were purchased.

Axius did not say how it found out about these other ads, but Axi News reported that it had learned that Trump paid to cancel them.

Trump has not said whether he paid for these ads himself.

He has previously said that he was not aware of them.

Axis’ report follows other news outlets’ reporting of campaign spending on advertising before the vote.

In an October story, BuzzFeed News reported on two paid ads that had been paid for by the Democratic National Committee, as well as a second paid ad that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had paid.

BuzzFeed also reported on a “campaign buy” that the DNC had paid paid for, and BuzzFeed News noted that it was not immediately clear how much money was spent on the “campaign purchase.”

BuzzFeed News also reported last month that the RNC had paid nearly $1 billion to Democratic Congressional Candidates for Victory Fund, which paid campaigns to advertise on its behalf.

The DNC did not respond to