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How to deal with the lake’s new owners

The property manager of a Lakeside property says he’s shocked after finding out he’ll be receiving a massive bill from a company he’s hired to assess its value.

The Lakeview Property Management Centre, which manages the property of two properties on the property, says it was expecting a $2.7 million bill for the assessed value of the properties, but it’s now expected to receive more than $7 million.

The property manager, Richard McPhee, says he was initially told by the Lakeside Property Management Center that the bill was $3 million.

He says he initially thought the bill would be less than $2 million but then noticed a $7.7-million invoice on his bills.

He said it’s a shock to hear that the property is being assessed for a $10 million bill.

“The property is valued at $10,000 per square metre and that’s a huge amount of money,” he said.

“It’s a lot of money for the property.”

The property has two owners and they’re both involved in the sale of the property.

The Lakeside Business Association says they’re not concerned about the bill, as the property manager has told them he’s not paying them.

“We’ve had a lot more than just the bill and the company itself is not paying us any of that money,” Mr McPee said.

He has been paid $2,300 for the assessment work.

He was told by a property manager that the company was being paid for the work that was done on the land.

“I was like, ‘what are you talking about?”

Mr McPees lawyer said he’s had a number of complaints about Lakeside’s property management centre in the past and he thinks they’ve been overzealous.”

There’s a number issues with the property management, and I think it’s just the latest example,” he added.

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