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How to get a mortgage with no interest rates

The Chicago Housing Authority’s mortgage calculator will help you find the lowest rates for your home in the Chicago area.

Here are the top mortgage calculators in the city:CITY MONEY1 – Chicago-area home values with a 2.5-percent interest rate, with low monthly payments, for a single family home, $1,200,000 to $1.25 million (includes taxes and title insurance).2 – Chicago home values, including taxes and home insurance, for two- and three-family homes, $2,500,000, $3,600,000 and $4,600.3 – Chicago house prices, including the median price and the median income, $5,800,000 (includes sales taxes and property taxes).4 – Chicago prices, excluding the median, $8,600 (includes tax, title and property insurance).5 – Chicago homes sold for more than $1 million, with a mortgage rate of 10 percent or more.6 – Chicago houses sold for less than $200,001, with the median value at $895,000.7 – Chicago apartments sold for a median price of $1 and a 2-bedroom, $600,001 to $2.5 million, for the median sale price.8 – Chicago condos sold for $1 to $5 million.9 – Chicago condominiums sold for over $1M for the average price.10 – Chicago duplexes sold for at least $2M.11 – Chicago townhomes sold for double the median.12 – Chicago bachelor pad homes sold in the $1-$5 million range.13 – Chicago rentals in the market for two bedrooms, $700,000 or more, with mortgage rates of 15 percent or higher.14 – Chicago rents in the 10- to 20-percent range.15 – Chicago sales of properties for less in the 50- to $600K range.16 – Chicago median sales price for homes for rent.17 – Chicago price for a 2 bedroom, $800,001-$1 million.18 – Chicago sale price for single family homes, excluding rental properties.19 – Chicago buyer’s premium, which is the difference between the market price and asking price for the home.20 – Chicago vacancy rate, a measure of how many homes are currently available.21 – Chicago rent rate, the rate of a property owner’s monthly payment.22 – Chicago rental vacancy rate for single families, excluding single family apartments.23 – Chicago average monthly payments.24 – Chicago mortgage rate.25 – Chicago value of a home.26 – Chicago monthly income, adjusted for inflation.27 – Chicago cost of living index.28 – Chicago property tax rate.29 – Chicago total tax burden.30 – Chicago percentage of housing tax.31 – Chicago market rent.32 – Chicago area median sales tax.33 – Chicago citywide median sales taxes.34 – Chicago number of properties tax free.35 – Chicago renter’s share of median income.36 – Chicago apartment rent price.37 – Chicago multifamily housing tax burden per capita.38 – Chicago minimum monthly income.39 – Chicago family income, including children.40 – Chicago household income.41 – Chicago income for the top 1 percent.42 – Chicago share of income for households with incomes of $100K and above.43 – Chicago homeownership rate.44 – Chicago renters’ share of household income, excluding children.45 – Chicago net worth.46 – Chicago annual household income per capita, adjusted by inflation.47 – Chicago metropolitan area median household income (excluding Chicago metro area).48 – Chicago metro metropolitan area unemployment rate.49 – Chicago households with children.50 – Chicago poverty rate, adjusted.51 – Chicago residents aged 65 and older.52 – Chicago population by race, gender, ethnicity, education and income.53 – Chicago by county population.54 – Chicago census tract median household incomes.55 – Chicago county median household sizes.56 – Chicago cities with a population over 100,000 by population.57 – Chicago in the National Capital Region, including all counties.58 – Chicago per capita income.59 – Chicago region of the city.60 – Chicago with the most foreign born residents.61 – Chicago suburbs with the highest population density.62 – Chicago, Illinois, with its unique blend of ethnic, economic and political diversity.63 – Chicago has a population with more than 1 million people.64 – Chicago neighborhoods with high unemployment rates.65 – Chicago housing market trends, including new home sales.66 – Chicago Housing Bureau data.67 – Chicago residential rental market, including median rent, median home values and median income for rental properties, as of July 2017.68 – Chicago Rent Guidelines.69 – Chicago Real Estate Market Report, a quarterly publication of the Chicago Board of Realtors.70 – Chicago Residential Rental Report, the quarterly publication from the Chicago Housing and Real Estate Commission.71 – Chicago Rental Market Report.72 – Chicago Neighborhood Development Reports