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How to get a property consultant’s help

Property consultants often have a lot of advice they can share with the public.

But what can you expect if you ask them about their favourite properties?

The best advice is to go straight to them and ask for their view, says one property consultant who advises both the public and private sector.

The key is to ask the questions you can answer.

They’re usually good at sharing their knowledge, and it helps you get the best advice you can from a lot more than just their word.

The key is, the more they can explain the information, the better.

Property consultant Andrew Leong is a property specialist and founder of property consultancy Pink Property.

I think there are two ways of asking a property expert about the property you want.

You can go to them in person and ask them, they can either give you a short overview, or they can give you an opinion.

The way you should do it is that you go to a meeting, or you go on a webinar, and they give you the feedback, which you should then share with you.

So if you go for a webcast, for example, you can ask them questions like “Is there any problems in the house?” and they will tell you what problems there are.

But they may also give you advice like “I think that there are areas in the property that you should look at, but that they don’t necessarily need to be corrected”.

Property consultant and author Andrew Leung says you should take the time to ask for advice about a property, but it’s best to take your time and find the right expert for you.

You should do the research.

And then go back and give it to them, or let them tell you.

Leong says you can usually ask a property professional if they’re looking to do an assessment for you, or if they’ve seen your properties before.

So the first thing you should ask them is “Are you sure that the house is a good fit for my family?”

And if they are, they may be able to give you some guidance.

If they’re not, you should still do the property assessment yourself, but you may want to make sure you’ve got the right advice for your family first.

You don’t want to give up your right to ask them for advice on a property you’re looking at.

They have the right to refuse to do a property assessment if they think you don’t have the time or money for the job, Leong said.

“So it’s important that you’ve done the property appraisal yourself, and that you have an agent in the area to get the advice from,” he said.

If you’ve asked the right questions, the right time to get an assessment is when you’re in the middle of a renovation.

“If you have a house in the midst of a major renovation, you don,t want to put yourself in a position where you have to pay someone else to do the work,” Leong advised.

If you’re going to a property inspection, Leung recommends asking “Is this a good place to put the house in?”, “Do I have any problems with it?” and “Is the current condition acceptable?” and that will give you something you can compare to.

You may also want to ask about the surrounding area.

“If you want to do something that’s very big, then a lot will depend on the size of the house,” he says.

When you’ve assessed a property it’s worth getting a quote from a property adviser, who will do an appraisal on your behalf, and will tell the advice you get back to you.

But if you have some issues, Leang says you could call the property’s agent, and have them do an analysis on your request.

You can also ask them to do your own property inspection.

“That’s a good way to go, but they have to be licensed in NSW, and NSW has regulations for property advisers,” he advises.

“And if you’re asking for advice, and you’re getting an expert opinion, you shouldn’t be asking for a personal opinion.”

Leong advises that if you want a professional advice about your property, “Ask for advice from a friend, not from a professional”, and “Ask them about the local council”.

He says you’ll get the most helpful advice if you tell them you’ve been considering buying a property for a while.

And if it’s not clear that you’re a property owner, ask the property owner to speak to the property adviser.

Property advisor and author Nicky Tinkley is a member of the NSW Government’s Property Advisory Council.

Nicky says you don’t need to go through the formal process of getting a property appraisal done.

She says, “It’s best not to go there, because they will advise you on what you should buy, and then tell you which property to buy, but if you do go to the Property Advisory