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How to get an appointment to speak to your landlord about your housing situation

The appointment may come by phone or in person, or you can send an email.

Here’s what you need to know about the process.1.

How do I apply?2.

Who can I contact for an appointment?3.

Can I get an in-person appointment?4.

Do I need to sign a lease?5.

What are the fees?6.

Are there deadlines for a lease application?7.

What do I need my credit history to do to apply?8.

What does a landlord need to say in a lease before I can sign a tenancy agreement?9.

What is the process for signing a lease or letting agreement?10.

Do the rent controls apply to my rental property?11.

What if I don’t want my lease renewed?12.

What happens if I lose my lease?13.

What about security deposits?14.

How much does it cost to rent?15.

What types of deposit are acceptable?16.

Can you get more than one security deposit?17.

What other information is needed to sign up for an application?18.

What fees do landlords charge for in-house or outside services?19.

What can I do if I am unable to pay rent?20.

What kinds of fees do they charge for the process of finding a new landlord?21.

What kind of deposit do landlords require to rent to tenants?22.

How long do I have to pay my rent?23.

What the landlord needs to tell me about a rent increase?24.

What’s the difference between rent and security deposits, if any?25.

Can a landlord evict me for rent violations?26.

What will happen if I rent from an out-of-state company?27.

How can I know if my landlord is using a mortgage company?28.

How does an out of state company determine my rent if I move?29.

How is a landlord required to pay for utilities in a rental property or do they have to?30.

Can an out, out, home buyer be a landlord?31.

Can landlords evict out- of state tenants for nonpayment of rent?32.

Can out-siders be landlords?33.

Can we make an application for a new lease with an out tenant?34.

Is it a good idea to move out of our current place and move to a new place?35.

What should we do if our landlord tells us that they want to renew the lease?36.

Can the landlord do anything to stop us from moving?37.

What type of tenant rights does the landlord have?38.

What legal protections do we have if a landlord tries to evict us?39.

What information does the tenant have to provide?40.

What rights do we get if we have to move in with the landlord?41.

Can tenants file a complaint against a landlord in a housing court?42.

Can my landlord be sued by someone who lives on the property?43.

Can anyone sue a landlord over the property on which they rent?44.

What happened to my security deposit when I moved out?45.

What you need in the case of a landlord trying to evict me from the property.46.

Is a security deposit a deposit that you can reclaim if the tenant moves out?47.

Does a landlord have to give you an affidavit to prove you are the tenant of record?48.

Does the landlord need proof that you have lived in the property for the past two years?49.

What rules are in place to protect tenants from rent fraud?50.

What laws does a court have to follow in a case of rent fraud by an out resident?