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How to Make $200,000 a Year as a Property Consultant

By now, most of us have heard the story of the California billionaire who made a fortune selling luxury property and renting it out.

It was a story of a man who became a multi-millionaire through selling real estate.

And it was an article of the past.

But that doesn’t mean that property and property management consultants aren’t still doing something in the world of luxury property, and that there aren’t some good ones out there, even if they’re not well known.

We asked our friends at Land of Plenty, the nonprofit dedicated to educating the public on the industry, to take a look at some of the best properties that are being sold and rented for less than $20,000.

Land of Lots founder and founder of Land of Pools, Matt Fruin, has also written extensively on luxury property.

His books, How to Build Your Own Real Estate, and The Real Estate Mastermind, have sold millions of copies, both in print and online.

Here are some of his picks for the best luxury property in America.1.

The Chateau de Balzac, Monaco2.

The Ritz-Carlton, Las Vegas3.

The Hyatt Regency, Atlanta4.

The Seven Seasons Resort & Spa, Chicago5.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong6.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles7.

The Plaza Hotel, New YorkCity is the biggest player in luxury property for those who are willing to shell out the money, with about 10 properties in the top 10 in America alone.

The number of properties in these categories is actually pretty small.

The average price per square foot in Manhattan, for instance, is $8,000, while the average price in the Beverly Hills is $7,200.

But those are only the most affordable properties.

In fact, according to Land of Pleasure, the top-rated luxury property on this list is the Shangri-La in Beijing, which is estimated to cost $5.7 million per square feet.

And of course, the best deals are in the $20 million range.

That includes the most luxurious, state-of-the-art luxury apartments and condos in New York, Los Angles, Chicago, and New Orleans.

Here’s how the top ten luxury properties are doing.1-3-5-10-15-20: 1.

Shangri La Beijing, China4.

Four Seasons Hotel and Spa, Los Angels, California5.

Plaza Hotel & Resort, New Orleans6.

Four Rooms in New Orleans, Louisiana7.

Seven Seasons Hotel, Las Angeles8.

Hyatt Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills9.

Four Points Apartments, Los Altos Hills, California10.

Four Point Towers, New Jersey