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Property consultant: I will kill you, police say

In an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday, the former president of the National Association of Property Consultants, Alexei Alesin, said that if a police officer wants to stop you for a traffic violation, they will have to arrest you and have you arrested and have a judge take a look at that.

Alesis said that police are not allowed to question you, and that you have no right to resist arrest.

“You can’t have your car searched, you can’t touch your body, you don’t have the right to say anything,” he said.

“I think police have to get the right tools to do it, but it’s not just the right tool.

It’s the best tool.”

The Trump administration has been trying to change the laws in recent months to make it easier for people to file complaints about police abuse.

But it has faced resistance in the courts, with judges arguing that police officers have a constitutional right to question people about their mental health.