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Property consultant reveals his favourite places to live

A property consultant has revealed his favourite spots to live.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC, James Watson, founder and chief executive of property consultants Bladen Property Consultants, said: “It’s like a lottery to choose where you want to live.”

He said the property market is “going through a major renaissance” and that he hopes his clients will stay put in the “long term”.

The BBC’s Simon Jenkins asked Mr Watson how much he spends on property, and he said:”About £1,000 a month.”

The comments come amid concerns over soaring house prices and a housing shortage in the capital, with many renters now struggling to afford a place to live because of rising rents.

Mr Watson, who also works for property developer and property company Blackstone Group, said he would be happy to invest in properties on the outskirts of London.

He added: “You can do anything you want in London.

I just don’t want to invest a lot of money in places that are not as attractive as London.”

A recent survey of the city found that nearly three quarters of residents were in favour of letting more people live in their homes, up from 56 per cent in June.

“I’m going to be really happy to work with anyone who wants to live here.

I’m not going to do that with my clients,” he said.

Mr James Watson also believes that the city’s infrastructure needs improvement.

He said: “[The] city is in a mess.

It’s not built to last and I think people are really tired of it.”

Mr Watson said he was “not worried” about the housing shortage and added that he was confident the “economic recovery” would see many more people move to the capital.

“It’s going to continue to be a booming market.

I don’t think we will have a housing crisis in London,” he told the BBC.