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Property consultants find $4M gunn loan: How the gunn’s got its start

With the assistance of the NRA, the gunns have secured a $4 million loan from the Federal Housing Administration to help their company manage their land. 

In order to do this, the NRA hired a partner to help the company navigate federal land management and land tax laws.

The loan was originally granted in March but the gunners applied for it in April.

They received approval in late June, which gives them until November 15 to pay the mortgage.

The gunns said the loan is a result of the company’s success in managing the land and its efforts to build up its portfolio of properties in the county.

“We are pleased that we were able to get this loan to support our operations while maintaining our property tax base, which helps ensure our ability to provide affordable housing in this community,” the gunner said.

With the assistance, the land will become available to the gunnar’s to develop on. 

“The NRA’s assistance with the loan was the only way we were ever able to pay off the loan and we were very grateful to have them,” said the gunne’s director, Steve Soto. 

 “We know our customers will appreciate the opportunity to see our properties and to be able to take advantage of the great value and amenities that we have here in the community,” he said. 

The gunnars land is located in the Gunnar Springs subdivision, which has a population of 1,873 and a median household income of $68,500.

Gunnar Springs is home to Gunnar College, the Gunn’s home basketball team and the Gunne’s primary retail store. Read more