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The Trinity property consultant says the real estate market will collapse by 2021

In an interview with The Canadian Press, a Trinity property adviser says the price of real estate will crash by 2021 as the economy rebounds.

“We’re going to be down by 2021,” said John Dclan of Trinity Property Advisors in an interview from Ottawa.

We’re expecting a rebound.” “

The economic recovery is coming.

We’re expecting a rebound.”

He said the average price of homes sold by the end of 2020 is going to drop by 20 per cent.

Dclans company has been predicting a 30 per cent drop in sales and a 10 per cent decline in condo sales by the same time.

The average price has also been dropping over the past year, according to his research.

The real estate industry is currently struggling with a recession.

According to TD Bank, sales have been in decline for five consecutive months.

The industry was up 5.2 per cent in February compared to a year earlier.

That was the biggest drop since November 2017.

Property consultants like Dclancans have been warning about a collapse in home prices.

They say the housing market will be completely destroyed by 2021.

They said it will be impossible to sell condos, and that the number of listings is going up, too.

In the same interview, Dcland also said the condo market is going down because condos are getting more expensive.

He said they will continue to see more and more condos being built.

He noted that in the past 10 years, the number one selling condo in Canada has been the condo-only units.

“Condo sales are growing.

That’s why it’s difficult to sell,” he said.

He pointed out that the average number of condos sold in the Greater Toronto Area last year was about 5,400.

Daclans research also says that a lot of condos have gone to investors who have been waiting for the market to return.

“It’s going to have a devastating effect on the rental market,” he warned.

DCLAN said condo prices will crash and condo sales will collapse because investors are buying too much inventory.

He also said condo buyers will be putting their money into low-cost condos.

“You can have 10 condos in a 20-storey building.

They will be sold at 30 per year, not 20,” he explained.

“They will be very expensive.

They’re going up in price because they are so high-priced.”

Dclann said investors who buy low-priced condos have been doing it for years.

“Their thinking is they are going to buy a condo because they’re going into the market,” said Dclankan.

“There is nothing wrong with that.”

But he warned against buying condos with large mortgages.

“I think that would be a disaster because there are very few people who can pay the full price,” said the property adviser.

“A large condo with a large mortgage would be impossible for them to do.”

He pointed to a recent report from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp. saying that about one in five home loans are being issued to people who have a loan balance of more than $1 million.

Thats a huge amount of money.

It says that in 2017, a family of four with a mortgage worth $150,000 could not afford to pay the interest on their home mortgage.

Dllan said many condo buyers have large debts they can’t pay.

“People are buying a lot on the strength of a mortgage, because there is a great market for mortgages in the market right now,” he added.

He believes that will continue.

“This is going on because there’s a lot more demand for homes than supply,” said he.

“And it’s a terrible situation for the rental and condo markets.”

DCLANN said he believes condo sales are set to drop because of the recession.

“As long as the recession is going, condo sales and rentals are going down,” he predicted.

“But as the recovery is getting underway, condos are going up because the recovery has come.”

Property consultant Dclang says there will be a massive rebound in the real-estate market by the early 2020s.

He predicts condo sales in Canada will double to 10,000 a year.

The increase will help lift the economy, which is currently stuck in a slump, and will provide new buyers with more options, DCLANG said.

But the realtor says that will not happen overnight.

“At some point, the economy will start to rebound,” said Rob MacNamara, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Canada.

“What we have now is a temporary boom in the housing stock.

The market has been slow to recover from the recession, and we don’t know how long it will take for the economy to return to the growth it experienced before the recession.”