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What is the difference between a medical and a residential property?

The property consultant, Michael McVitie, said his clients are often keen to get involved with both aspects of the development process.

“The medical side, it’s a different beast than the residential side,” he said.

“When it comes to medical, we do a lot of the research.

The residential side, you do a number of things and build out the development.

We do everything from marketing, marketing, signage, marketing.

It’s really about getting in front of potential buyers, finding out who they are, what their requirements are and that’s the biggest piece of the process.”

M4 Property consultants chief executive officer, John Houghton, said the consultants preferred the term “healthcare” because it was more synonymous with “health” than “property”.

“The term ‘healthcare’ has become very common over the last few years,” Mr Houghtons said.

There are different terms used and they can be very different, he said, but that meant the consultants were more apt to refer to the construction and design work as “health”.

“It’s a bit like a medical building, which is different to a residential building, but we still call it a health building,” Mr Littman said.

“It needs to be able to accommodate the health and wellbeing needs of all the members of the family.”

There is a lot more going on in the residential building and that can lead to more issues, so it’s best to avoid those terms.

“That is really the key point, when it comes down to it, we don’t want to be called a residential development company.”

We’re not looking to be.

We want to provide a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for our clients to live in.

They can go about their lives,” he explained. “

It means our client is going to be happy and comfortable.

They can go about their lives,” he explained.

Mr Houghons view on the term health was that it was used by developers to describe their projects, not by consultants.

“They’re used by the developers, they’re used in marketing,” he added.

For Mr LITTMAN, the term medical was more accurate because it meant he was providing the services his clients required.

He also felt the term was appropriate for the property consultants role, because the term involved an individual’s wellbeing.

As a result, Mr LITMAN and Mr HUGHTON were reluctant to change the term.

But Mr HICKSON did acknowledge there was a change in the market, where property developers were looking to the “healthy” and “vibrant” properties that had the potential to make them rich.

“The last few months has seen the emergence of the concept of ‘vibrance’, that the market is very healthy and that there’s lots of potential for property developers to make money by making their properties more healthy and vibrant,” he noted.

“So I think that’s been really important for us, and we think it’s really important that we do something to try and address that, because there’s been a shift in terms of the way developers are looking at housing and the way people are looking after their homes.”

Mr LITTSON said he wanted to “push” developers into using the term more.

“I want to make sure that the term ‘vibration’ is being used more by the builders, developers and property developers,” he remarked.

M3 Property Consultants chief executive director, Mike Kowalczyk, said he was also concerned about the term in the development industry, particularly with the changing market landscape.

“A lot of developers are using the word vibrancy in a very positive way and are looking to bring in the vibrance of nature into their project,” Mr Kowalt said.”(But) I think we have to be careful with what we’re using the words to describe because people don’t know what that actually means.”

He said some developers were also “shifting” their terminology from medical to residential, but was not convinced.

And in some cases, developers were using the terms interchangeably, but Mr KOWALCzyk said that was not the case.

“(The term) vibranced’ is used in a more negative way and I think it needs to change.”

If developers want to use the word ‘vibe’ then that’s what they should use.

“As developers, we should always be looking to use what we know best to help our clients.”

M4 Properties has a strong track record of delivering quality properties in Brisbane and Melbourne, Mr KAWALCKS is confident the term would be the same in both areas.

“What I’ve noticed is a trend in the last couple of years, we’ve got some developers that are changing