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What to do if you’ve got a property in trouble

If you have a property that’s being marketed, advertised or otherwise used as a business, then you may be asked to pay a commission.

The ABC understands that some property developers are asking property consultants to help them assess and market the property to potential buyers, even if the property is actually being used as an office or a hotel.

Key points:In some cases property consultants are being asked to assess the property as a hotel or officeIf the property has been marketed as a commercial property, it’s usually not possible to refuse a commission if you don’t have a good reasonFor example, if a property is being advertised as a property to house students, or a business to rent a warehouse or other business space, and it’s actually a hotel, then it’s not an issue if you have to pay your property developer commissionIf you do decide to refuse the commission, the consultant will usually have to come back and discuss your case with you within 10 working days of receiving the application, and the consultant must include your property number and a contact number on the form.

If you’re being asked for a property report, you may need to pay an application feeIf you want to make a complaint about a property, you can do so through the local ABC Local Reporting Unit, or through the ABC Consumer Complaints Commissioner.

If a property has recently been advertised, then the developer may need your property’s number and contact number if it’s been sold, and if it hasn’t, the developer can’t give you an assessment.

If the developer wants to sell a property for more than a few weeks, you’ll need to provide your name and contact details on the property report form, along with your contact details if you want it to be resold.

If your property is an office space, it may be difficult to get a commission on the sale if you can’t afford to pay for a lawyer or accountant to provide you with legal advice, or to provide a property survey to get an estimate of how much the property will cost to develop.

If it’s a commercial space, you might need to contact the Property Council of Australia to get your name, address and contact information on the listing.

You can find more information on how to negotiate a fee on the Property and Commercial Tax website.

If there’s a delay in getting your property appraised or a property consultant assessed, you should contact the ABC’s Local Reporting Units.

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