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What to expect when Google+ is launched in 2018

The Google+ social network is expected to launch in 2018, with Google announcing the official name in a blog post.

The announcement comes as Google is launching an effort to bring the social network’s services to a wider audience.

As part of the effort, Google will introduce a new feature to the app, the social media platform that will allow users to share content and make videos without having to register.

The social network will be accessible through the Android app, Google Assistant, and Google+ Hangouts, which will enable the same functionality for voice and text messages.

Google will also introduce a feature called “video notifications,” which will allow voice and video messages to be played at the same time, and the ability to create a “virtual camera” to show what a user is doing with the app.

Google will also be launching a new YouTube-like app in the Google+ app, which would be a direct extension of the video chat service.

This would allow the Google Plus app to automatically share videos, which could then be viewed on YouTube and other platforms.

The new feature is a major development for Google+, with its launch expected in the first half of 2018.

It also signals the company’s intention to expand its reach into more of its consumer products, with the introduction of Google+ Video, a new Google+-style app that will enable users to record and play video on a device that runs Android or iOS.

The company will also announce a partnership with Google Play Music, which it has been working on for some time.

The new Google Play-style service will allow music publishers to monetize video content through the new social network.

Google Play also announced a new way for developers to monetise video content in 2018: the Google Play Video API, which allows developers to create and share interactive video experiences on YouTube, Vine, and other video platforms.

As part of its announcement, Google also announced that its apps for smartphones and tablets will be powered by the new platform.

Android apps will be able to run on the new Google-powered platform and will be available on the GooglePlay store.