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What will be the first thing you buy in a new property in Italy?

It is a new, big and exciting time for the real estate market in Italy, with prices soaring and a number of deals announced.

Here’s what to look out for:A total of 16 new properties are being listed this week on the Italian market, according to the agent group Movilazioni della Valor, which represents developers, builders and property agents.

It is the first time that the total number of new properties is more than the number of active listings, which have been up by more than 60 per cent in just three years.

The new listings have been sold out within weeks, with some of them being snapped up for the first times.

The first wave of sales will take place on Friday at the beginning of August, with the next wave expected to commence later in the year.

There are now more than 3,000 properties on offer in Italy.

The vast majority of these are in Italy’s north and north-east, where the property market is booming, with buyers looking for a large, modern home in a very compact location.

There is also a huge influx of people from mainland Europe and the Middle East into Italy.

There has also been a huge rise in the number and value of properties, with an average price increase of about 2 per cent.

There is also an influx of money from overseas buyers who are seeking to purchase property in Europe.

As the market heats up, some of the first properties to go on sale are those in the suburbs.

In a statement, Moviladazionii della Vallones, the agent arm of the group, said the number is now “up by around 1,000”.

The agent group also confirmed that the number will continue to grow in the next few weeks, as new properties go on the market.

The average price of the new properties in the market is now €3.7 million, with €2.8 million being a premium, and the average price in the Milan suburb of Reggio Calabria is €1.8m.

The number of apartments has also increased significantly, with a total of 6,400 apartments listed this year, compared to just 4,400 in 2015.

This has coincided with a surge in apartment sales in Italy in recent months.

The average price for a flat in Milan this year is €8,000, up by almost €2,000 from last year, with only a few properties going for more than €10,000.

According to the property website RealtyTrac, the average sales price of a single-family home in Italy this year was €2 million, compared with €1 million last year.

According the Movilidazionis, the latest property deals are being announced on a daily basis, with most of the deals announced at the end of August.

Some of the properties have been snapped up in the last week or two, but other deals have been announced on Thursday.