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Why Spanish-language news site is losing subscribers

Google has a new site in Spanish-speaking Latin America, but it’s also losing subscribers.

The news site, which launched in the US earlier this year, is now experiencing a decline of over 100,000 people per month, according to data from comScore, a company that tracks website traffic.

While comScore does not publish data on the website’s revenue, comScore found that the site has been losing around 5 million unique visitors a month.

The site has also been losing traffic since the launch of the service, which lets users access Spanish-dubbed content.

The decline is not unexpected.

Spanish-spoken Latin America is a region that is home to a lot of Spanish-speakers, and its native language, a language called Castilian, is often spoken.

But the website is struggling to gain subscribers in a country where a third of the population is Latino, and a significant chunk of that population, about 60 percent, speaks Spanish.

“In order to be able to grow, we need to diversify and grow our business,” cofounder and CEO Miguel Ángel de la Torre told CNNMoney.

de la, a 29-year-old native of Spain, said that he believes the site needs to be more mobile-friendly.

“The number of mobile devices on the planet is growing,” he said.

de lauro, the site’s cofounder, told CNN that the biggest challenge for the Spanish-themed news site has to do with the site and its business model.

While the company is targeting niche news, it wants to be seen as an alternative to CNN.com, which is dominated by a few major US networks and a handful of Spanish language outlets.

“Our mission is to serve the whole world,” de laurro said.

“To have an alternative that’s a little bit more affordable, and more accessible to everyone, I think is what we need.”

The news website also has to contend with the fact that most of its audience is made up of people who have never read a news article before.

This can be especially difficult in countries like Argentina, where most people speak the language, but the language itself has a lot to offer.

De lauro said that the news site aims to make its users as comfortable with the language as possible.

“We want to be as comfortable as possible,” de la said.

The problem for the site is that while its audience has been growing, there has been a decline in the number of news stories that it posts.

The website has seen a decrease of nearly 100,00 subscribers since the beginning of the year, according a comScore report.

The numbers don’t show the number that the company has lost, but de laura said that there has not been a lot in terms of traffic loss since the start of 2017.

“At this point, we’re just not seeing that,” he told CNN.

“For the time being, we’ve been able to sustain our business, but we have a lot more work to do.”

CNNMoney reached out to the company for comment and will update this story when we receive it.